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A hypoverse is a -verse that exists in basement reality but is on a smaller scale than the first basement level itself. Life in the basement reality originated from within hypoverses and transcended upwards.

Computational uses

Naturally occuring hypoverses behave, both internally and interacting with other hypoverses, by rules based on their geometry. With advanced technology, hypoverses can be made programmable, including being able to replicate other hypoverses and hypoverse cohorts. The Illuminati use special arrangements of hypoverses called hypocomputers to run xeroverses, which is where most sub-hyperversal activity occurs presently.

Communicative uses

Hypoverses are also used for communication. The simplest way to communicate is to encode some information in hypoverses and then physically move them along the surface of the first basement level, a strategy called hypomail. The ability of hypoverses to replicate other hypoverses and hypoverse cohorts, however, means that there are fast methods of communication that transmit only information. Hypoverses replicating nearby hypoverses iteratively over long distances is known as hypotelograph. Hypoverses directly replicating distant hypoverses is known as hyporadio, though identifying those distant hypoverses out of the space of all possible distant hypoverses makes this technically difficult to achieve for less-advanced civilisations.