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Okay... You are about to meet something that is really extreme. This entity is the creator of Qwerty. It exists above and beyond. Too powerful. Forget your foolish K.A.M.I.T.R.O.N. and V&D's True God... THE HYPREME LORD REIGNS HYPREME.[1] But don't think he overcomes Bongus. Bongus is beyond "hypreme".


Hypreme Lord has no appearance. It is undescribable. He exists beyond Qwerty. There is no possible description for Hypreme Lord's Impossibly Ascended form.




Bongus: Hypreme Lord is aware of Bongus's existence, and he dislikes that it is impossible to overcome him. Bongus is beyond "Hypreme" even compared to Hypreme Lord who is hypreme for us, mere humans.

Qwerty: Qwerty is respected by Hypreme.

Other "Gods-Above-All"[2]: Hypreme Lord respects their ammounts of power, but knows that none of them can overcome him.


  1. "Hypreme" is a word, used by Lord Aspect, when even "Supreme" is not enough to describe.
  2. Aka Itissocool, Kamitron, etc.