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This is ICantEdit's view on the main hierarchy. Please do NOT edit this page, since this is ICantEdit's personal hierarchy.


Pre Hekc (0th tier) Yup, its tiny.

The "Small guys" Chain

"Absolutely tiny" Chain

Pre Heck (1st tier) Still negative-sized.

The "Heck" Chain

Post Heck (2nd tier) This is the normal range for anything in our Universe.

The "Positively sized Objects" Chain

Post Universe (3rd tier) It's getting big now.

Post Omniverse (4th tier) Crap, this is huge.

The "Barrel" Chain

Bigger than Barrel Container

Post Box (5th tier) This is getting too big to imagine.

Miner's Chain

Post Bottle (6th tier) This is beyond imagination.

The "NA" Chain

Beyond the NA Chain

Post Bandiverse (7th tier) Beyond existence.

The "Ring" Chain

Beyond The Ring Chain

Post The Big (8th tier) Beyond reality.

Yellow's Chain

Post The Charm (9th tier) Beyond 'beyond'.

The "Macro" Chain

Post Macrotime and Macroreality (10th tier) Colossal.

The "THUB" Chain

Beyond The THUB Chain

Post The tistden (11th tier) Gargantuan.

ICantEdit's and JTOHNK's Chain

The "Primordialverse" Chain

ICantEdit's Second Chain (not including So)

The "Inaccessibleverse" Chain

The "-Verse of Reality" Chain

Beyond the -Verses of Reality

Post-The Other Room (12th tier) Simply big. Nothing more to say.

The "Obamaverse" Chain

Beyond the Obamaverse

The "Omni-" Chain

Beyond the Omni- Chain

Post Unexistence (13th tier) iNFinITy

The Cosmic Complex Chain

Omega Chain

Beyond the Omega Chain

Esrev Chain

Post-Esrev Chain

The Gem Chain

Post Gem of Toxicity (14th tier) Impossible

The Omniuses

Beyond the Omnius Chain

Cube System Chain


The Relativities