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Omni (Basically ICantEdit himself)

  • ICantEdit (ICantEdit, CantEdit, Ice)

Trusted (I trust you with my pages and are free to edit it all you want.)

  • POYO12469 (Xenofong, Furry trash is back, Poyo, homophobe lol)
  • Oofandfoo (Oof)
  • TrevorTheEditor (Trevor)
  • Leftunknown (Leftunknown, Left)
  • YellowMarkers1 (YellowMarkers, YM, Yellow)
  • 08Dravennew (08Dravennew, Newderv, Derv)
  • MinersHavenM43 (Miner, Miners)
  • BestNoobReborn (Best)
  • VoidSansXD (Void)
  • Glitchy999 (Glitchy)
  • Chalkosis (Chalk)
  • Randomuser66 (Randomuser)
  • Fuzzo the fuzzy bee (Fuzzo, also known as creepervilesavior or creeper)
  • XYZeed (XYZeed)
  • 4d9r (dr, 6d9r, froge of death)

Partially Trusted (Please do not edit my pages unless I allow you to. This section is mainly for new users.)

  • Rwa56r (Rwa56r)
  • Endoram (T o r u s)
  • Intellsnide5 (Intellnside5)

Not Trusted (You will not be able to edit my pages, and I will never allow you to.)

  • StopllSC (Buildings Spammer)
  • Edwin Shade (The Poop Image Spammer)
  • Cptcoffee (The Even Worse Idiot That Ruins Links and Images)