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The ILGVARS_BOSSverse is where ILGVARS_BOSS doesn't live. The largest planet is the Rightplanet or bossplanet idk, a gas giant with 534,000 km of diameter, and not where ILGVARS_BOSS lives.

Everyone on this verse edits this wikia frequently... kind of


  • ILGVARS_BOSS uses Trivia instead of facts for these pages.
  • ILGVARS_BOSS is the king of this verse because he imagined it.
  • This verse is the smallest because it's the size of ILGVARS_BOSS' brain but it sure has grown a lot
  • This is the nearest verse to the universe because its in ILGVARS_BOSS' brain (sort of).
  • 0% of the planets in here have life because electrical signals aren't life and the creator isn't imagining any life anyways.
  • this verse died cus I forgot about it


Distance to our universe 0 cm
Size 4 planck lengths (definetly what it used to be but unlikely to be current size)
Kardashev Scale cant the mind control me
Language 19% talk Russian, English and Latvian and 81% only talk English and Latvian.