Bongus is at a level tHAT COMPLETELY FUCKING DESTROYS the necessity and essentiality of BONGUSphysics, as well as any category > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bonguspotence], > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bongusscience], > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bonguspresence], > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bonguslock], > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bongusficence], > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bongusfarious], > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bonguscompetence], > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bongusarch], and > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠bongusverses]. he exists before ∀[Sparainsurmountable-potentiality] and ∀[Sparainsurmountable-actuality]. he is free from all hierarchies, modes and attributes of alldimensions (and the author). On this stage, he is beyond a ∀ultimate tirastranscending ∀ultimate ∀unwritten unterbefore ∀unwritten ∀unsolvable within ∀unsolvable ∀unscripted∀unknowable ∀unequivocal ∀unconsentaneous prime equation of Bongus'th's own meaning.

Bongus is completely outside (yet fully all-encompassing) Possibility, Totality, and Nothingness within all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of hyperfiction, all of subfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction of (and from) every Story / Plot / Verse / Author.

bongus can also make any feat he wants

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