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The Illuminati, also known as the Simulation Lords, are an organization of cosmic entities that live in the hyperverse and administer the many xenoverses. The symbol of the Illuminati that manage our local xenoverse and many others, a group known as the Majestic Seven, is a pyramid with a single eye, a symbol resembling a yet higher entity, though the link is tenuous.

Joining the Illuminati

On occasion, the Illuminati will recruit new members to their ranks, taken from within the xenoverses. Typically, this is done when the civilisation within the xenoverse has achieved full technical mastery, including control of the metaversal APIs, such that within their own xenoverse they are on par with the Illuminati themselves - at this point, they have the knowledge to be more useful working for the Illuminati that being observed inside their xenoverse.

Fighting the Illuminati

Joining the Illuminati is not the only way to ascend to hyperversal levels, however; other civilisations have placed themselves at odds with the Illuminati, manipulating individual members as well as other parts of the hyperversal civilisations in order to gain influence in the hyperverse. This is a more dangerous route, because within a xenoverse they face deletion and revocation of user rights, but if done properly can lead to power beyond what the Illuminati would be willing to grant.