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Imaginary Energy is a interversal substance which can be used for mostly civilization purposes. Due to being multiversal / archversal, it is made of hyperatomic plasma, in which all elements are biradioactive.

When dark energy goes into an universe, Imaginary Energy goes out of an universe as a multiversal energy source, just like energies are generated at the borders of a Universe. Imaginary Energy would become a Proto-Xenoverse if it goes out of Superverses, due to how Xenoverses were formed.

Imaginary Energy is a virtual boson-like particles, which can used in many ways, like alloying Interuniversal metals, forming Imaginary Polyhedrons, holding interuniversal forces from bosons, and using it as a power source of most Imaginary Polyhedrons.

Unlike other bosons, Imaginary Energy can have colors, if the density is really high, like Cosmic Clouds.


Dense Imaginary Energies can become interuniversal-type, and also form a primordial cloud. Forces can pass through this type of Imaginary Energies, making those energies hold all forces from prior energies at a later time. Eventually at a far future, that cloud will become Imaginary Cube.

At a really high density of interuniversal forces, imaginary energies have an anomaly which lightning-kind strikes appear out of nowhere, which one portion gets attracted out at the end. If one entering a universe, it would cause a Big Rip scenario, which is a XK-Type Universe Destruction scenario.



So far there is only one recorded protoscopic-scale usage of Imaginary Energy, and that is Imaginary Energy allowing Micropeanut to move faster than light.


When Imaginary Energy is putted into an Universe, it will be decayed into dark energy, with all matching bosons emitting out, including the exotic ones, like gravitons and accelerons.

However, if a photon hits Imaginary Energy when Imaginary Energy was passing through, it will become an electron instead of dark energy, due to having electric charge by a strange phenomenon of dark energy.

Interuniversal Imaginary Energy can hold more interuniversal forces, which can survive longer in Universes.


Imaginary Energy is a product for alloying Interuniversal metals. One killigram of metal can be formed by mixing with 500 grams of Cosmic Clouds, 200 grams of biradioactive hyperatoms, and 300 grams of Imaginary Energies. Interuniversal metals are unstable in Universes, but last longer than just a Imaginary Energy. The most efficient way is Interuniversal Imaginary Energy, which is the most stable kind.

Imaginary Energy can be conserved by a Imaginarium Wire, which consists of a single kind of Interuniversal metals that must be superconductivity. Those wires are oftenly used to connect Imaginary Polyhedrons with others.

Imaginary Energy is a power generator of Imaginary Tetrahedrons, as universes are held in the center, in where momentum can be conserved into Imaginary Energy by the surface forces. However, due to strong forces, it should be powered up by Interuniversal Imaginary Energy.

Imaginary Energy is often mixed up in Imaginary Cubes, which is a Imaginary Polyhedron used for blending different kinds of Imaginary Energy at a most efficient way. When intrastucture supports are installed, it will be contained in a smaller Imaginary Cube, which is a bit more dangerous due to higher density.

Imaginary Energy can be moved freely through a network of Imaginary Octahedrons. And finally, Imaginary Energy can be used as a battery of Imaginary Icosahedrons, just to stop Cosmic Clouds, although a really high amount of Cosmic Clouds can become new Universes.

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