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Imaginary Icosahedron is a mostly-nonexistent icosahedron found in a Multiverse, which makes it a kind of Imaginary Polyhedrons. Although it is a dual polyhedron to Imaginary Dodecahedron, they work differently for every Imaginary Polyhedron.

Imaginary Icosahedron is the biggest object of Imaginary Polyhedrons for smallest sizes, but 2nd biggest for biggest sizes, beaten by Imaginary Dodecahedron at 10 quadrillion light years.

Like Imaginary Tetrahedron, it is made with interuniversal metals for points and lines. Imaginary Icosahedrons must be artificially constructed by Multiversal civilizations, due to a massive size of this Imaginary Polyhedron; and they should be powered with Imaginary Energy.

How does it works?

Imaginary Icosahedrons can capture Cosmic Clouds for cleaning, by the power of some interuniversal metals. When one occupy enough gases, they let the surface forces push gases into the center. With a advantage, if one occupy too much gases, then gases will be pushed into a new gravitational singularity, creating a new universe, but this makes Imaginary Icosahedron a bit more cracked.

Imaginary Icosahedrons can be also used to destruct Sproyong, which easily decompose it into Cosmic Clouds by some Hyperatoms that hold surface forces.

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