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Imaginary Polyhedrons are currently the only significant kind of extrauniversal polyhedral structure, and mostly serve to keep a Multiverse safe and colonizable.

Without Imaginary Polyhedrons, there is no way to reach outside of Multiverses easily. This is because most interuniversal transportation technologies, including spaceships, are fueled by Imaginary Energy, an efficient power source for interuniversal travel thanks to Imaginary Tetrahedrons.

How do they work?

Some Imaginary Polyhedrons are powered by Imaginary Energy, some are artificially made by type-5 civilizations with interuniversal metals, some are just multiversal transportation hubs, and some can be combined to make "stacked" Imaginary Polyhedrons.

The abilities of Imaginary Polyhedrons are dependent on the amount and type of their faces, which mean that Imaginary Polyhedrons can differ greatly from one another.

Only regular (platonic) Imaginary Polyhedrons have been fully discovered by civilizations from our Multiverse.


Some Imaginary Polyhedrons are used to store Imaginary Energy like a battery. However, they need to be wired to an Imaginary Tetrahedron using Imaginarium Wires, which are the only interuniversal wires.


Irregular Imaginary Polyhedrons

Irregular Imaginary Polyhedrons are a kind of Imaginary Polyhedron that are bigger than a Multiverse. It can have any size and be located in any verse.

Currently, there is only 1 irregular kind which is written in this wiki, which is Imaginary Stellated Dodecahedron. There will be many more irregular kinds to come, like truncated, reflected, snubbed, stellated, and more.