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Imaginary Tetrahedron is a mostly-nonexistent tetrahedron, which hold positions and forces in universes. It is actually a 4-simplex due to the containment of Universes.

Only the points are existent to us, as every point is a sphere made of Interuniversal metals, with a size of 25 billion light years. Those points transfer Imaginary Energy through lines, and can generate rainbow gases by dense Imaginary Energies, as more dense substances can be found closer to a point. There is also a big square behind all lines, that glows with a cyan beam.

Due to points are made with Interuniversal metals, all Imaginary Tetrahedrons should be artificially made by Darismuth-level civilizations.

How Imaginary Tetrahedron works?

This object should only be powered by Imaginary Energy from all lines in a single face, or else it never works, and allowing universes to move freely.

When one universe passes through a face of Imaginary Tetrahedron, the main forces is activated by Imaginary Energy. Those forces try to stop universes by converting momentum (kinetic energy) into Imaginary Energy. The momentums reflect back until an universe is hold in place or escaped.

But, those holding forces feel like dark energy, which expands universes. However, the forces feel like the expansion creates momentum. Due to dark energy can't be created with Imaginary Energy, this is probably a reason why Imaginary Tetrahedrons are multiversal generators. However, if the expansion rate is too fast, the a universe will inflate even more, causing a Big Rip scenario.

Universes bigger than a Imaginary Tetrahedron can destroy it by one hit. Also, if it occupies a Darismuth's System, then forces generated by a Darismuth Universe would destroy it.


Imaginary Tetrahedron can occupy universes up to the biggest-possible radius, which is the half of Imaginary Tetrahedron. Universes will easily escape, if Imaginary Tetrahedron occupies almost all of free storage. In fact, universes can be easily clustered together to form Terminal Spheres.

Universes smaller than ours have a higher chance of getting held, but 15% of universes larger than ours are successfully held by Imaginary Tetrahedrons.

Connections between Universes are often dissolved by Imaginary Tetrahedrons, transforming the cluster into a Terminal Sphere.

Comparison to Imaginary Dodecahedron

Imaginary Tetrahedron doesn't spin at all, and momentums are converted into Imaginary Energy due to kinetic energy is mechanical.

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