What is this like inside?

This is really hard but do you know that ship that got into 3RR0RV3RS3? It got into here. Nothing has entered Terminal Rhombicosidodecahedron yet. It looks really weird inside, it controls time forward and backward and brokenly because The Spool has some broken stuff, There are a lot of The Threads and some The Oranges all across the edge. Also this Verse and everything beyond have really broken time and other properties due to them being greater than Spools. Some are for some reason not orange... We don't know why but it is like that. Also that ship was corruption free because it was planned for that

3 Cool Facts

  1. The white core is a bunch of The Spools bunched in a squiggle line forming the core. 2. Time is warped so much because of The Spools it makes space warped too and creates wormholes to negative sized things like Moscosbowrain etc. 2. It contains itself 1 time before the core causing in there to make wormholes to nonexistent voids / places causing a lot of The Spools and The Oranges and The Threads to mess up and make nonexistent stuff real. 3. It has an atmosphere of particles it shredded off.
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