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In Observatorio (previously Sentialusexotiansverse) is a very strange Verse. It started off as an average-size verse, but then, well...

It also has a similar ability to Obice Novissimo, being able to ruin anything that gets larger than it and cannot protect itself by crumpling it and breaking it until all is left is something smaller than a Hebb

The massive creature thing in the picture is the cosmic entity EEEE, the god and gaurdian of this Verse and many others. The reason it is called something that translates to “The Observatory” is because it is where he gazes into Verses he protects, due to it’s strange properties.

Before The Great Expansion, it was average size and had sentience. it is assumed The Great Expansion was it dying. Also, while correlation may not be causation, this actually happened only a few years after EEEE moved in.

The Great Expansion

At one point after it existing for quite a long while, every Sentialus-Port in In Observatorio exploded and it began to expand extremely rapidly to an immeasurable size, larger than almost anything else. After settling at a size a small bit bigger than Biggernoseverse, it contained it and, suddenly, went dead, it’s sentience no longer running.

Appearance Pre-Great Expansion

It used to look somewhat similar, but with a bluer color scheme and small circles, Sentialus-Poruts, dotted throughout.