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in Silico is the area that is inside Silico. It has a large volcano in the middle and many asteroids floating inside it. At the bottom of it is the Sky Tower.


in Silico is mostly made out of gas, but the Orangenoseverse is located somewhere in there. Not in the middle, because that is where the volcano is.

The asteroids are made out of normal rock, but its surface is hardened. Each asteroid has a white hole in the middle. The white holes are very small and don't affect anything around it, not even the asteroid.

in Silico is shown to be one of the easiest ways to visit another Realm, since there are so many white hole asteroids, it makes the process 100x easier. However, it would still take 3{26}3 years, and it would require being idle for that amount of time with no food, water, air or anything else, so it is still not an option.

in Silico has a few invisible particles that have forces that move and push in random directions with infinite torque, but they aren't that big and the chances of hitting one is very low.

Relationship to Silico

in Silico is only a very small part of Silico, but pretty much all of Silico is empty and boring. While in Silico is still technically part of Silico, this part is so special and so revolutionary compared to Silico that it has a different name.

Silico, however, has the same texture, appearance, laws of physics, dimensionality, concept and idea, but in Silico is sort of an "augmented" version of Silico, just much smaller.


in Silico is made up of two halves that are only divided by the poles on the top and bottom. These poles exist because the density of Silico forced in Silico to even out the weight. It did this naturally many ordinals of years ago similar to a magnet. The poles each have a different pull, but other than that, they look and function the same.

The main reason these poles are the same is because of their magnetic properties. The poles started different when they were first created, but the pull of this eventually made them equal and perfectly round. It took many years because the magnetic pull had to make it all the way down to the bottom from the top and back for every unit, but it did happen.

Each pole is BIG FOOT in diameter, so they are an infinitesimal compared to in Silico.

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