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The Inaccessiverse is a type of -verse. It has not been proven to exist with the use of capturing or photos, but it has been proven to exist without the use of capture or photos. (See Discovery Below)


Although it is widely unknown what exactly the Inaccessiverse contains, it is believed that with the use of Shor's Containment Proposal, and the extremely miniscule probability calculated that the Inaccessiverse does not contain the Universe and many others, it is widely believed that the verse does in fact contain humanity.

This shroud of mystery comes from the fact from it's discovery, see below.

All that is known about the Inaccessiverse is that it it's size is equal to W0+W1+W2 and it exists somewhere. Where it is located is unknown. If it contains anything is unknown, and whether it is contained by something is unknown.

Here is a theory of what this verse might actually contain.

  • Layers
  • Something

So all we can agree on is that it has layers. Well, I'll just extend this concept.

Layer 1

Layer 1 is the outer-crust, it contains absolutely nothing. If you somehow got out there, you would just freeze to death and turn into nothing instantly. I'll just say it's very large in size. It's basically right before absolute nothingness, or nothing. Layer 1 might contain invisible things, but I'll say it contains none.

Layer 2

Layer 2 is a "warm" zone, this is where most of the life lives in. Whether it be really powerful or defy the laws of physics, it lives here. It's the color of black, probably explaining the universe. Well, not really warm, more like -273000 celsius. But we do live in here. Planets, stars, galaxies, all of it. I'll also say there's just a massive alien civilization over there at the bottom. I'll say that we live somewhere in the middle between Layer 2 and Layer 3. Were practically boiling on anothers perspective.

Layer 3

Layer 3 is the hotspot of the Inaccessiverse. It is a verse too hot for anything, no matter what size, shape, anything, to come into contact. In fact, a whole multiverse may be ripped apart instantaneously if it came within viewing site on a cosmic scale. The color of it is, I'll say white. It's also so bright that bright objects within a omniverse will be practically invisible. There is obviously no life here, and there will never be.

But sorry I hacked it.

So, there is life in here. We got a alien civilization that's just making a very large barrier for some reason, defense. Apparently they didn't want anyone coming in so they made something so large and hot that nothing could get through, and they could live in peace. They did this with some, white crystals, yeah. The white crystals are only seen in the center of Layer 3. In the absolute core.

Layer 4

Here is where the aliens are. Basically, they are really really large, and powerful, and smart. The space around them is about a nice warm temperature of 300 or so degrees. There is also some floating ball in the absolute core too, it's glowing rainbow-like, and it's just... A ball. That floats. Nothing special. It's not 3000 degrees. It doesn't do anything besides, float. Yup.


Alright, discovery.

The Inaccessiverse was discovered in 1984 by American Physicist Joseph T. Holland and Arnold Beckonson. This was discovered with the use of mathematics and the existence of axiom Joseph-Arnold: "For any cardinal/ordinal X, there exists a -verse V, such that all cardinals/ordinals X imply such A -verse V.". This axiom was proven in 1991 after a month-long period of investigation by several Mathematical-Astronomical Physicists. Joseph Holland originally defined such a ordinal number I and M with the help of Arnold within his house, the dates of these definitions are unknown, but is thought to be considered around the years of 1976-1984.

Joseph T. Holland and Arnold Beckonson believes that the Inaccessiverse also contains the Universe. The natural shroud of mystery pointed out in the "Contains" section is also famously known as the Joseph-Arnold Containment Hypothesis. Joseph and Arnold also believes that the verse contains The Box, while other experts disagree.

Joseph and Arnolds works are still under investigation by many Physicists and Mathematicians, however, the investigation is still ongoing. "Joseph-Arnold Containment Hypothesis" and the more specific "Joseph-Arnold Box Containment Hypothesis" have not yet been proven.

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