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Infinityverse is a type of verse, which is infinitely bigger than smaller verses, in a relatively way.

Infinityverse always contain substances in a chaotic arrangement, but at lower-end Archverses, those substances are arranged in a orderly way.

Outside of all Archverses, Infinityverse contains Ultraverse, which serve as a quick shortcut to different-level Archverses. No matter-type substances could execute the entire Infinityverse, except matter from that Ultraverse, which is why there are no forces to hold Infinityverse tight.

The only way to go further is to install an extension to your vehicle, which allows you to go faster than the size of a Infinityverse. When if you can't handle those speeds, you would stuck here forever.

No substances can pass through Ultraverse, allowing people to live in Infinityverses. And, when they explore in smaller Archverses, Infinityversal civilizations would be likely to get abandoned unless they know how to track their civilizations with infinite precision. Same goes to civilizations outside of Infinityverses.


The only infamous Infinityverses in our Cetaverse are Omniverse and The Box.

Omniverse is the smallest-ever Infinityverse, which contains exactly existent things of Archverses, besides with chaotic objects each.

The Box is significantly bigger, as the amount of nonexistent things are way bigger than we thought, which is . However, it doesn't contain infinite layers of smaller Infinityverses and Ultraverses. The topology is distorted that trying to escape leads you into a random position in The Box.

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