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The Infrared Ring is another ring in the ring series. This one has the coldest temperature out of all the rings.

It has no taste or smell, because it is too cold to have a taste or smell at all.

Even though the ring colour is infrared, nearly everything that touches it would be frozen instantly because the temperature is absolute zero. Only robust beings can survive in here.

Since it is absolute zero, the only state that this ring is in is solid. There are no liquids, gasses or plasma in this ring since everything is too cold.

Sometimes random objects collide with this ring which always makes them turn completely solid. These are pretty common, however the parts tend to always bond together due to how incredibly cold this ring is, and sometimes they even freeze in place because absolute zero is an incredibly powerful temperature.

This ring never changes its shape, so it is very solid at that right, due to its temperature. The ring always stays in the shape it was when it started, and things that collide with it don't even become part of this ring because it is just too cold.

This ring, like the other ones, has an extremely robust Guardian in the centre, who really likes fights, but barely gets into them because this ring is too cold for most beings to fight. When he has a robust rival, the Infrared Ring Corporation sends out some objects that are stored outside the ring that always freeze in place when gotten to here, which are very effective.

Note: Do not attempt to jab a piece of card stock into the side of this ring. Monkeys will chew away your head.

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