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The Interversal Structure Flower is a huge flower that generates verses. It operates inside The Space. The Interversal Structure Flower doesn't actually create the energy to create the verses itself. It gets the energy from The Ultimate SUN, a huge power core that is also inside The Space.

The Interversal Structure Flower has 3 parts.

The Petals and the Verse Creator

The first part are the petals and the verse creator within. The verse creator first beams extremely high energy beams towards one of the petals. Each petal stands for a defining characteristic of the verse that is about to be created. The energy beam will ultimately hit every single petal. There are infinite petals that each stand for a different characteristic of the verse, and the energy beam always hits the petals differently every time a verse is about to be created, as to avoid identical verses.

The Stem

The Stem is what holds the flower upright. The Stem is responsible for making sure that the Interversal Structure Flower doesn't fall over. The material that The Stem is made out of is Primordium Omega, an even stronger version of Primordium Delta.

The Roots

The Roots anchor the Interversal Structure Flower to the Meadow, a place specifically designed to hold the Interversal Structure Flower. The Roots also suck in extremely valuable nutrients from the Meadow which help keep the Interversal Structure Flower alive.