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Isolation is a huge, bubble-like structure that contains almost everything that could happen with almost every possible law of reality, time and space. Anything beyond Isolation is beyond comprehension and extremely unknown. Only omnipotent entities can comprehend the true nature of The Sea and the other "Reality Bubbles" that exist out there. It's the 1st object of Hypersize.


Isolation appears to be a huge bubble that has many dots, swirls and black spots in it. The dots are usually verses, the black spots voids and the swirls are multiple "existences" that collided with each other. Isolation also appears to shine a little bit.


Isolation consists of an unimaginable number of verses, realities, voids, boxes, containers and many more things. All of them float around in the center of Isolation. Most of Isolation's space is empty, and just a bunch of supervoids. The thin barrier that makes up the border of Isolation is some super material, able to not exist, yet still be there. The material can defy all logic, and is basically indestructible.

Why the name?

Isolation is called "Isolation" because it is far away from any other "reality bubbles", a term given to these massive structures like Isolation.


The life in Isolation is sparsely spread in its vast voids far away from the center, and are quite advanced. They sometimes raid the collection of verses in the center for energy, and most of the time, the resulting damage to the verse is permanent. That got them dubbed as "The Outside Pirates" by many creatures. That has caused many trans-versal civilizations to move entire verses to avoid the outside life. On one occasion, hundreds of extremely powerful civilizations banded together and went far beyond the borders of &3 and Something into the vast void to search for The Outside Pirates and destroy them completely. Most ships ran out of energy, and couldn't find any life. Only 231 ships found any life, and this life was extremely basic. All attempts to find The Outside Pirates have failed. The basic life found in the voids are currently being studied.