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The Isoverse is a Universe located inside of our Multiverse.

It is the largest Universe in our Multiverse, and thus its name is Isoverse, where Iso means large in Finnish.


The gravitational constant is just larger enough, and the Isoverse was created with just enough more roaming gases, such that when Jeans instability happens and a cloud of unevenly dense gas collapses, the gravitational energy to heat conversion is almost always strong enough to produce a blue star.

The large majority of stars in the Isoverse are either blue giants or neutrons stars, with a minority of white dwarves and main sequence stars.

Larger protoplanetary disks give the stars either many rocky planets, or a couple of large Jupiter+ sized gas planets. Almost all planets have moons too, with some trivial exceptions, like a planet being too close to the star or the moon reaching the Roche limit.


Since blue stars with a stronger are very short lived, most planets that roam around them have either no life, or those which lie in the habitable zone and have life, only live long enough to create basic multicellular life, before losing their star.

The only planets with potentially advanced life are around main sequence stars, but these stars also only live to about 6 billion years old, so if any advanced life forms here, they don't have as much time to leave their solar system.

This has not stopped civilizations from forming. There are 4 main civilizations that live here, all of whom are Kardashev scaled. They work together and live in harmony, but are not advanced enough to escape their Universe and join the Multiverse.