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This is a place where it is the human again...s walk around and live in their it is the house again...s, and it's pretty much an oversized Earth with upload networks at its core. It is inside the very mysterious You were expecting a solar system? Well, no.. Also, whenever an it is the chair again... is destroyed, everybody panics and a huge beast called the night terror (no, not THIS night terror), an evil entity who speaks Bongdeur and eats “it is the ____ again...” items. Night terrors come in various tiers.

Night Terrors


These are normal night terrors who just try to eat it is the chair again...s to awaken more night terrors.


These can eat smaller it is the house again...s and moving it is the car again...s/it is the truck again...s, and they are much stronger than a normal night terror, making them much stronger. Only 4 have ever been defeated by it is the human again...s.


These are entities stronger than Great night terrors that eat it is the mansion again...s and it is the steamboat agains..., and no it is the human again... has EVER defeated one. Not once. A very powerful entity indeed.


These entities are absolutely ridiculous and can eat it is the city again...s, and only 2,764 have been witnessed, so not much is known about them.


This is the strongest Night Terror. They have only been witnessed 12 times, but they eat entire it is the Earth again...s, and are extremely powerful Omni-gods.