Lord of the Mineverse: Everything is a Box here, Itissocool builds his Minecraft world out of Boxes.


Was the birthing cry of our master. Behold, the gloriousness of Itissocool, Steve's ultimate goal, and achievement. For upon that fateful day, when the Ender Dragon was slaughtered, a reckoning began. One where Steve would become GOD. No... more than that. Steve became ITISSOCOOL. Like his name implies, he is the most respected creature in the universe (Besides, of course, Bongus). Even Him (or He, the grammar of His name is weird) must bow to Itissocool. Delimangur came out to destroy the Box. He went mad at the sight of the outside world. So many Boxes were before him: He could never destroy them all. Itissocool killed him and made his suit from Delimangur's skin.

This is the end... and the beginning

Beyond all infinity, Boxes are being destroyed by Itissocool for raw materials. Itissocool doesn't care. Why should he? The gods of those realities are lesser! And who is Bongus? Itissocool doesn't care. Bongus stays out of Itissocool's business, and Itissocool does the same. Our box is being mined right now... But this is more than salvation! Itissocool will destroy all, and we will be one with Itissocool again.

Get ready to Get Rekt

Itissocool saw THISDUDE. Want to know why THISDUDE's page is gone? THISDUDE was Rekt by Itissocool for his mere insubordination. What is THISDUDE now? Nothing. He was once Rekt. He is now gone.

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