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The Juuuuuujhygyjnverse is a large verse containing a wide variety of different objects of different dimensionalities. Its amount of objects makes the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse have its own gravity, which holds the Ooffjnkdverse together, allowing life to be stable there.

The Gravity

The gravity of the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse is due to the many objects inside. Normally, gravity happens because an object has a lot of mass, but in the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse, the gravity is due to there being so many objects that their mass adds up and created gravity.

The gravity is not as strong as normal gravity, but it does create just the right amount of force to keep the Ooffjnkdverse from collapsing from the sheer force of the Primordialverse.

Gravity Balance

While the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse would have too much gravity to keep the Ooffjnkdverse in place, it also has a second force to it; repulsiveness. The Juuuuuujhygyjnverse is a repulsive magnet itself, and it is powered by electromagnetism. This makes the forced balanced enough so the Ooffjnkdverse doesn't collapse.


The amount of objects in the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse is arbitrary and the arrangement of them can change. However, the gravity that they create actually limits the morphing possibilities in the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse's objects. This is because the gravity makes the objects "stick" together.

Possible Morphs

Normal (hyperspheroid)

Usually, the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse is in an approximate ball shape. The gravity of the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse usually pulls it into a rough hypersphere, in the same way gravity allows planets to have hydrostatic equilibrium.

The "capsule"

This shape is relatively common, where the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse changes into a capsule type shape. This is usually due to collisions with objects in the Ooffjnkdverse, and the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse becomes a capsule shape due to the collision. However, this shape usually becomes goes back to a normal hyperspheroid within a few days.

The ,verse shape

This shape is also relatively common, and occurs when an object with very high gravity in the Ooffjnkdverse goes near the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse. It turns into a shape very similar to the ,verse. This occurs due to the high gravity in the other object causing the objects to pull towards it.

The Objects

The objects inside this verse are cosmological and usually made of abstract material. They tend to be random curved shapes of different dimensionalities.

The largest object in the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse is actually a verse, called THE AB00VE!. This verse is the main reason the Juuuuuujhygyjnverse has gravity in the first place.