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You know Earth is a funny place. Full of wonders, wisdom, ideas, loves, losses and life. A perfect microbe in the infinite Universe. KAMITRON came to Earth recently in a recent episode of MY IMMORTAL recentness.


KAMTRON walks into a bar, the bartender looks up and says: "Get the fuck out of here." Josh used his ultra-super mega weapon and blasted him in infinite instants in every timeline to exist no matter the definition or bocks its in. Another person walked into the bar, his name was Goku. KAMITRON punched him in the face just by looking at him and walked out.... without even paying.

KAM is approached by Lionel Suggs and challenges him to duel. KAM almost wins the duel, until Lionel spawns his 'Voyagers' who kick KAM in the dick. They then destroy him all possible ways there is to be destroyed, and many which are essentially impossible, possible, both, none, all of the above, none of the above, and none of those, infinitely, beyond infinitely, and infinitely infinitely infinitely... infinite. Xeranthemum then goes and erases KAM who erases her instead lol rekt STUPID

He wakes up in fantasy land, where all his dreams come true, and does what he's always wanted to do, add himself to AD wiki! He then make love with Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way becouse he's GOFFIC

Second Paragraph

KAM decides it is time to leave. He calls upon is only TRUE and HONEST superior: HE, who lets KAMITRON out of the land of fantasy back to Earth. KAM walks to Seattle and uses the Space Needle as a tooth pick to clean out of the guff in his teeth after eating too much pussy chicken. He is arrested soon afterwards.

Third Paragraph

KAMITRON suddenly exploded after smoking too much alcohol and died instantly, never to be seen again