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The green circle represents where is it spoken. why did fandom compress this so much smh

Kaimn, or 34083023, is a language derivate from english, spoken in the south of Bormstadtia, but residents use english as primary language. It is a conlang and is spoken with math, in base 36. In base 36, you can put all numbers and letters and not give a problem, the Kaimn language is when you translate words into numbers in base 10 using base 36. This is how you speak the numerals:

1 Un
2 Tsu
3 Tri
4 Kuat
5 Sinnk
6 Ses
7 Set
8 Octo
9 Nonn
0 Zír
1000 Fáus
10^6 Mília
10^9 Bília
10^12 Trília
10^15 Kuadrília
10^18 Kinkília
10^21 Sekstília
10^24 Septília
10^27 Octília
10^30 Nonília
10^33 Decília
10^36 Undecília

Example: Miners, in kaimn, would be written 1361581192, and pronounced Un Bília Tri Ses Un Mília Sinnk Octo Un Fáus Un Non Tsu. Miner's favorite word in this language (in english) is Zik0zk (it's not because of the last syllable is the same as the first without the I).