A Kaoverse is an average sized Universe, that is made out 50% matter and 50% void, give or take a margin of error of .

A margin of error of 1% has no actual significance in science, but is merely set at such a value for visual purposes.


The 50% matter figure only states "matter". It does not further defy what kind of matter it should be. A Kaoverse can be made out of 50% gas, 50% light (Photoverse), 50% dark matter, 50% solid matter, 50% anything unimaginable to us, it does not matter. The only requirements are, that it must be a verse.

Kaoverses are quite rare, as most verses have a matter percentage either 0, (very) slightly above 0, enough to count on both hands, 99 and above, or a complete 100. This isn't an official list of percentages, there are far more categories and they all have their names and formal designations.

Arrangement of matter

The image that is positioned in the infobox, Kaoverse-[1,Q,2,2,A], shows a Kaoverse that is evenly divided into void (top half) and matter (bottom half), with a margin of error of . The image is rotated approximately 41° for visual human consumption, but it shows a specific type of Kaoverse, a Dimid Kaoverse, where the Kaoverse definition can be very clearly observed (if one is aware how 3D perspective works). Most Kaoverses aren't like that.

About 70% of them are arranged in a cosmic-web of sorts, except on a larger scale, and much more dense. 21% are in the form of a noise-like randomness (for example: randomly scattered gas, extreme amount of brownian particles, cellular automata, solid chunks). 2% have matter in geometric, cosmically sized shapes. The 7% rest are others (out of all known Kaoverses that fall in this hyper-category, 19% are all unique and uncategorized).

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