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This empire has been long dead, and will not be revived


Staring out on a large planet, these peoples are fairly bright, but... laser pointers are fun to them, to say the least. After being broken apart, one half being annexed by foreign powers, and the other half going democratic, this nation was not meant to go into the space age.


Very.. simple. Working for themselves, talkitive, and very, very grumpy. They like to talk about being grumpy and why.

Pure Carnivore

Species Appearence, Ideology, and Flag

Similar to a cheetah, 6ft/2m head to tail, with an extra pear of arms on the back, having advanced thumbs on each paw. Quadrupedal. Avg. lifespan of 40 - 50 years.

Hated being compared to Kajit

A monarchy, but the bloodline was replaced every 5 generations.