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Kceh, also known as Inverse Heck, is considered the opposite of Heck and is one of if not the largest verse, large enough that it cannot be measured using real numbers (like many extremely large verses). Whenever a new entity that is larger is created, it will grow extremely rapidly until it is above that entity's size, even if that entity's size is not measurable with real numbers. It also reacts to the growth of other verses, growing along with a verse that may be attempting to overtake it as the largest (the 'awareness' property).

Similarly to Heck, it is measured using a unique imaginary unit called the Kceh Number. This imaginary unit makes numbers negative, but the number can be larger than positive numbers; a contrast to the Heck Number. Unlike Heck, this number will become a rational number if multiplied by another number that is not 1, -1, or a nonreal product of the Kceh Number. Therefore, if a verse with a 2x or 0.5x size property like Hecc, the second smallest verse, were to exist, it would actually become one of the smallest verses instead of becoming the largest due to the multiplication property of the Kceh Number. Size changes based on addition would be countered by Kceh's normal growth properties, making Kceh almost always the largest because of it's awareness property.

Kceh does not contain any other verses (except Cceh) unless Heck were to briefly warp into it along with Hecc, but instead contains everything a Universe would, but scaled to fit Kceh's size. It also is not contained by any Verses (with the exception of Obice Novissimo), as it will instantly warp out as soon as it is contained by one, even if it encompasses as much as The Box does (unstoppable force vs. immovable object). Kceh also creates it's own unique form of time and reality since it cannot be inside of Time and reality or anything containing it.

However, The Box is a unique case where Kceh must grow larger than whatever it is contained by to escape it. It does this using the Kceh Number as with other Verses. But earlier, Kceh was said to not contain any other Verses with the exception of Heck and Hecc, and that would remain true, since The Box is beyond classification as a mere Verse. The Box would also be the only thing in Kceh's way and therefore the only verse-like entity other than Heck or Hecc that it would contain, since anything above The Box other than Kceh is usually paradoxical and more often than not left without any evidence as to it being larger. If that logic alone does not take down a Verse's viability as the largest, then the Kceh Number and Kceh's growth properties will. Kceh's counter to The Box also applies to anything that uses Boxes or something similar as a unit of size (which doesn't really make sense anyways).

Kceh may (normally) always be the largest verse, but that does not necessarily mean it is the end, as it does not belong to any major verse chains.

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