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The Kentometaverse is an exceptionally unstable simulation, prone to errors, glitches, and the like that may sometimes cause random veins of Glitchonicite ranging from the size of a Universe to that of The Box. It contains hypercomputers that contain the data pertaining to the Kentomultiverses.


The Center

The Center, is, well, the center of the Kentometaverse. Our local Kentomultiverse is situated here. It is surrounded by an extremely luminous Lockverse, which serves as kind of the sun, but at a much, much larger scale.

The Terminals

Right outside The Center are the Seven Terminals, which contain the hypercomputers responsible for running half of the Kentomultiverses. They are all shaped after a truncated icosahedron, and they are made of Terminium, an electoconductive and extremely durable material, designed after Alphasm's neural connections. They are connected by a thin wire, as wide as a Universe, made from Primordium Alpha.

The Compute Shaders

The Compute Shaders usually orbit one of The Seven, and are responsible for 25% of the Kentomultiverse simulations. Their shape is incomprehensibly complex, and changes once every Urqaek second, which is due to the fact that they're made from Glitchonicite mined from the earlier mentioned veins.

The Arms

The Arms are made out of matter ejected from the instability of the contained Kentomultiverses, and as such, are often a cocktail of different elements, alloys, and materials that the unknown inhabitants of this verse mines for use for expanding their simulation.