(A Cosmic Entity) Why the frick does this exist?

He is da best and

and the sun makes him more powerful for some resin

And he is faster than (sanic the hotdog) and the flash

He can steal or cancel 4-5th wall users and nomater how far

away you are from him

and he has an abilty called (Mineinsanty) the Mineinsanty

is awy thing awand king bailey will become wird

like 1000 meams creepy charters or whatever and its caose

And thats why its called (Mineinsanty) and it will make oppnats

insan it dose not work on electrostatics charters

His determnation is much stronger than eny ones well his famin has determnation too always

like his determnation is strongy inogh his insity

Like he has very bad parnoya and alsoevery thim he gets

parynoad he will get a hart actact but thanks to his determnation he over come his insanty and he also fights dath so he can,t die you have to keep dameging him till dead

but he die no becase his determnation keeps him live

but to be asaytrsiasdystafd it do not lost forever becase his determnation will lose engryaclty and he will DIE

with is engey gosdown but like i said he is much deracsatbalty termanition if you revarsed tim king bely will not be afeted by nit

he was trand by omega starwings but he not as peuyrtdasfidysf as a joke cheator he a kindadsdasda petiflll as a jak cheytd and he is not as powerfill as omega starwings but he his some petifull as omega starwings and web shots spity trand kind bety how to be snekie like a ninga and have necha abiltietraochvilahbvkdvasiyvs whic means he has be supper sethy in battttttttttttttttttttttttttttttlllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and praty much do any type of neca stoooooooooof

and he has his own chackraw and his chackraw his his own type of powerfull lonwon deskus that

kno lits talk about king baleys apresssssiv fats

he dfeted bill cypher by the likes of erazing him with no sacrofezzzzz serprizxinglya and he is fast inght to cash op with sans just no no not ahhh no not no no just that sans king baly my little pony sans my verstion of sans and my sans he is fast inoght o no no not ahhh no not no no just stronger than sans kid baly is much faster than my version of sans i need to started saying that and ummm but he can sitll get hit by some types of actactes but um but um no t yess only self alrity always mooing on and speeking of sanic know why goku terned supper sayin blue ehhh kid baly can go supper sayin god as now he will make his hair blue overiatsrdyasfly blue times 3 like means supper sayin 3 but blue and this form is strong inghty to destroy supper sanic and supper sanic destroyed amstronicastu 2 galxys so yea he sevivdfrom othe fiter as well

he servived from piple the salor men and zelgo and wizzared pummcan he servived from a lot of stuff thanks to his determanitioncalty to servivd most things mostly hiting damiges and yea and also//,p,sd

and now i will descrus much smarter he is know well he is prity much interguintyfllintalctrascectess and hes baron meny years meny meny inspeclances and he is smart enght to predict other moves and he did see some of them befor in his universe

and also ... END ME NOW... prety muc...HELP MEEEEEEE...h to learn his mustacs oveseleyeusydoiugewuirwgr


endy da endermin endy defity kong dasy and king king memorized all ofhis abiltys actaces like he is very good at making you make up his mustacts and try to statgeys to defet his oponits so yea he is a good leder and also his (OH GOD NO HELP ME) his termanition wha actrly never mind and also and he is a nice personfucationpeepieas hel fit a fit fight he did not fit ditrwetruowteoufgysdgfuhgy butt maby true but if you make him made inghty he will be in his rage formation in his rage formation faster and stronger and also he prity much if you say hi to his frinds and famin he wil fit dueiowaoidfsuigfy and kill you like my haters -NOT MINE-sersty but his anger will get him of gard and week himself and kill all of station so yea and also same wekness fast enghty stronger enoghugweufugfdgfsud you tired kong butly out of his skin but difitcltimolt know case far more far more far more far more far more far more far more far more stronger

well yea he is pety much stronger and faster powerfull know ....

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