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The Kivibol are an advanced, intelligent, god-level civilization who have colonized the Cetaverse. They are insanely powerful.


pre-first Kivibol era

The Kivibol civilization first began on a planet known as Tùrkïdoni.

Planet of Origin

The planet was mostly brown and had blue plants, and had few mountains, and the existing mountains were purple with black tops, and were insanely tall, with about 0.4x the height of the planet.. The planet was about 2x the size of Thegatus, and it also has cyan and lime materials once you dig down 20% of the way. The cyan materials are hard but have squishy yellow insides. The lime materials are very hot and have very cold orange spheres inside them, with the lime and orange being moderately squishy but the lime being more squishy. If you continue downwards further to 85% of the way downwards, you will reach a black core with red spheres on the inside. The black core burns at 1,000 farenheight and the red spheres are thick liquids (a.k.a. thiquid, basically like ketchup but slightly less thick) that are much, much hotter than lava.

The civilization

At this time, they were already fairly intelligent; they used sharpened rocks and even more sharpened spears and stuff, and quickly evolved their technology to use battle structures that are similar to tanks, but with less explosives. Eventually they began using high-tech computers that are able to do stuff that human computers are incable of doing, and the Kivibol soon started colonizing nearby planets. Their power grew and grew, and eventually they had colonized their entire Solar System, and with the use of advanced technology, they terraformed the gas giants themselves.

The Beginning era

The Kivibol have only existed for 2,340 years at this point, and they already colonized their entire Solar System. But they are getting stronger, and soon they had spaceships moving faster than the speed of light while being more resistant than graphene itself. They reached other Solar Systems and colonized them. However, eventually they tried to colonize an occupied planet, and that didn’t go so well...

The War

The Kivibol engage in war with a slightly less advanced civilization known as the Qüerful. The Qüerful had colonized their entire solar system as well, and also had powerful weapons. The Kivibol were winning at first, but then the Qüerful launched an emergency fleet of strong ships that are incredibly resilient and shoot very powerful shots. These ships pushed the Kivibol back. Fortunately, the Kivibol had a weapon of their own. Their omni-cannon shot a large blast that heavily damaged a Qüerful planet, and then destroyed the Qüerful ships with said omni-cannon. They won the war and the Qüerful had to give up two of their planets and share the last one. Unfortunately for the Qüerful, the planet that they had to share was the heavily damaged one.

The technology era

The Kivibol had colonized 8% of their (small) galaxy at only 4,532 years of existence. Then, suddenly, technology boomed; faster and stronger ships, teleportation, advanced mind reading devices, and time travel was even being researched. The Kivibol were soon able to colonize stars (seriously), and then soon enough colonized their entire (still small) galaxy.

The development era

The Kivibol invented time travel and were soon colonizing galaxy superclusters. They got in a war with themselves over currency, though. They fought and eventually decided on zékl. 1 zékl is worth $7,400. 1 sëbīlo is worth 74 zékls. 1 ägrēatør is worth 128 sébīloes. 1 ûįkkłáp is worth 83 ägrēatørs. And finally, 1 füñîkäêqúįpáß is worth 65 ûįkkłáps. The other side didn’t like this, but they had to do it due to losing the war because the king said so.

The Galactic era

Broken Heart period

The Kivibol were doing just fine until 14 OYC, when they became broke due to an event similar to the great depression. They were so broke that they had to sell an entire galaxy to the Qüerful. Yep. The same Qüerful they fought in their first war. This period of when the Kivibol were broke was called the broken heart. They got the equivilant of 827,432,345 füñîkäêqúįpáß from selling the galaxy, but they were still slightly below the required amount of money; they eventually got back on track in 17 OYC, though.

Post-Broken Heart

The Kivibol were really advanced now that they got back on track in terms of money. They were so advanced that they managed to colonize the entire universe. They also built a superstructure for government secrets, and what is in this superstructure is not known very well due to the fact that it is a government secret. What is known is that ships are built in there, as well as “many other things that happen here happen here”. This is all their government revealed since ships usually aren’t things that need to be secret.

The era of Improvement

The fifth Kivibol era started by the change from a monarchy to a democracy. The Kivibol king was acting unfairly and the Kivibol started a revolution. In order to sort out the problem, the Kivibol civilization was changed from a monarchy to a democracy, with the previous king no longer being anything other than a high-ranking government official since a new president got elected. Presidents serve 2 OYC terms. The problem was solved and the revolution cancelled itself because the Kivibol liked the new president.

Post-democratic introduction

After this, the Kivibol advanced their language by adding a monstrous amount of extra words, increasing the number of words from 24 trillion to 347 quintillion. The next thing that happened was a new coin: the éxìłdøñįùmįńūkúœł, which is worth 80 füñîkäêqúįpáß. After this, the government was improved to become more fair and have more stuff that made things make more sense, and more technological advances also happened. The fifth Kivibol era ended with the first Kivibol trip to an area outside the multiverse.

The improvised era

The Sixth Kivibol era started with the Kivibol beginning colonization of areas outside their local multiverse. They also ingaged in trade with other civilizations. Soon enough, however, a war started between 7 civilizations, including the Kivibol. The Kivibol ended up losing the war and having to give up 4 verses of their choice and 20% of their currency. The Kivibol exploited this by pretending to be broke and giving only 4% of their currency. They still gave 4 verses, though, but they chose insignificant small ones. Later, the Kivibol’s population suddenly exploded; it went from about 40 octillion to 72 nonillion in under 4 OYC. In result, the Kivibol became VERY overpopulated, and quickly colonized the entire metaverse to give it barely enough room for the new arrivals; overpopulation killed 42 octillion during this time (lack of food, no space to live, etc.) and it took awhile to sort out.

The unfortunate era

The Seventh Kivibol Era started in 73 OYC with a interversal pandemic that killed 4 nonillion Kivibol, but fortunately the virus was (supposedly) eradicated completely in 87 OYC, and by then they had already colonized multiple metaverses, however they were short on the technology needed to do that, so it was very difficult. Fortunately, technology boomed again afterwards, allowing Xenoverse colonization. Many new jobs were invented as well, but then the thought-to-be-eradicated virus from the pandemic turned out to still have a few of it’s kind left, and another pandemic started, killing only 723 octillion Kivibol this time before it was completely eradicated, for real this time.

The amazing Era

Technology surprise

Massive amounts of new technology became real. Kivibol were able to invent cameras WAY better than their eyesight. They explored the omniverse and gained transfinite technology and massively increased in strength, power, science, intelligence, and much more.

Education system improvements

Previously, the Kivibol education system was 8 hours of school on all weekdays. Since that was very difficult for the Kivibol children, on 134 OYC, it was changed to only last 4 hours per day and they take Thursday and Friday off. Learning requirements are made a bit easier to reach since many students were falling behind. However, with only 4 hours of school, they weren’t getting enough education, so it was soon changed to 5 hours of school.

Forming Alliances

The Kivibol were getting noticably powerful, making them noticable and making them stand out; this means that more evil entities know of their existence. To help protect themselves, they formed alliances with other civilizations; these alliances mean that these civilizations would help the Kivibol in times of need, and in turn, the Kivibol would also help them in times of need. They also would be friendly to each other and would fight alongside each other in wars. These alliances caused all civilizations involved to be helped up by the Kivibol and get their technology improved, and the Kivibol would get helped by them, causing the Kivibol to gain better technology as well.

The Evil Entity

Near the end of the Eighth era, the Kivibol were attacked by a dangerous evil cosmic entity with an unknown name or identity. The Kivibol were far too weak to survive the battle. Fortunately, they had 23 allied civilizations. This is the first time most of these civilizations met each other. The battle was fierce; even with these 24 civilizations combined, it seemed hopeless. However, the desgrūūk, one of the Kivibol’s allied civilizations, was famous for their residents’ massive IQ and amazing strategies. The desgrūūk made a plan, and eventually the monster was defeated. 2 decillion creatures died in the battle. That was far more than the entire Kivibol population, so the reason there were so many deaths was because some of the allies had extremely high populations with a large percentage being soldiers; a total of 13 decillion was the combined population of all these civilizations. Many lives were taken from each one. But the battle was over, and the Evil Entity was dead.

Some Random Conspiracy Theory

This conspiracy is obviously false (just like literally every other conspiracy theory in existence), but some conspiracy theorists were conspiracy theorists, so they said that The Evil Entity was created by impostors in the Kivibol goverment to attack the Kivibol, while others said that the monster and all deaths and stuff were “faked with CGI”.

The resting Era

After the battle with the evil entity, the Kivibol and the rest of the involved civilizations would take a while to recover. An enemy civilization attacked during this time, but the Kivibol and their allies defeated their enemies with the power of numbers; the enemy civilization was just 1 civilization, and the Kivibol ally group was 24 civilizations. The enemy stood no chance. The war was short (2 days) and it was very easy for the Kivibol (only 24 deaths). Afterwards, 2 of the Kivibol’s allies got into a fight, but the Kivibol stepped in and forcefully stopped the fighting... with deadly weaponry. Afterwards, the Kivibol gave some free galaxies to their allies (mostly the 2 that were fighting each other) and then colonized the omniverse. Soon, they estabilished settlements in the outside.

colonization insanity

They colonized basically everything. They colonized some of the outside, more of it, more and more and more... and eventually all of the outside was colonized, but then some of it was given to the allies who colonized another outside. Eventually they colonized a barrel, and then they colonized the box.

The Modern era

They are peaceful and colonized the other boxes and recently the Cetaverse. Not much else to say. In the future, they are planning on colonizing the rest of the Cetaverses, and eventually even larger verses. They are extremely advanced, and it’s really just ridiculous. They seem to be likely to colonize the next verse up in the hierarchy in less than 2 OYC from now.



Super speed ships

A Super Speed Ship, or SSS for short, is a ship that moves insanely fast. They are the fastest ships invented by the Kivibol, and aren’t really meant for fighting, except for the variant that also fires tiny lasers extremely quickly. They still aren’t super effective.


Warships are ship meant for war. They are fast-firing resistant ships that shoot strong lasers. They are not extremely fast though, at only 17% the speed of a super speed ship.


SuperShips are hard to build, but they are super fast-firing and extremely resistant, shooting massive layers. They move at 23% the speed of a super speed ship. They are very hard to make, with only 17% of the amount of SuperShips as the amount of Warships.


A ship mounted with a massive cannon full of all primordium types, which creates massive amounts of death. It also shoots toxicium and glitchonicite. All at once. It is super deadly, but it isn’t banned. It never will be, and it actually has multiple copies of it. It makes nobody want to go to war with the Kivibol.


They have an infinite amount of Yottabytes. They can do anything and anything and everything and do so much stuff! Nothing else to say other than that their movies can produce smells and tastes and you can even feel them, and they are literally infinite-dimensional, time and space.


They have invisible barriers around their ships. The barriers are more than 50x as strong as graphene. These barriers can be gotten through from the inside, and Kivibols can enter these barriers. Barriers can be toggled on and off. Barriers habe been only recently produced.

Ship Guns


Speedster guns shoot weakish bullets at a very fast pace. These are found on the battle versions of SSS ships, and their bullets are shot 15 times per second, but the problem is that the bullets are so weak that they can’t even kill a sheep in one shot... that would take 2 and a half shots! Fortunately, these guns are usually placed on in groups.


Warguns are found on Warships. They shoot lasers once per 4 seconds. The lasers can destroy an average-sized boulder in one hit. The lasers may seem like they would be deflected by glass (because they’re LASERS) but no, these lasers are special, and mysteriously are able to break any glass they hit. It is unknown how the frick this happens.

Dread Gun

These are found on SuperShips, and shoot lasers once every 2 seconds. These lasers can break a mansion to bits in a single hit. Just like Wargun lasers, these lasers aren’t deflected by glass for some reason. SuperShips also have 2 Warguns and 4 Speedsters to go along with their dread gun.


The Omni-Cannon isn’t used anymore, but it was used as a weapon in their war against the Qüerful. Compared to modern Kivibol weapons, it really wouldn’t be of much use today anyways. It is currently located in a Kivibol museam. The Omni-Cannon shot every 3 hours, and it’s shots were just about 2% stronger than the Wargun’s shots. Truly inferior to modern Kivibol weaponry, but it was considered a very powerful weapon back in it’s day.


It shoots a massive beam of all primordium types (a very unstable combo!) as well as Toxicium and Glitchonicite. The beam can easily destroy large verses in seconds. This cannon is only found on the ship of the same name. It was invented in 432 OYC. It is basically the modern version of the Omni-Cannon.

Relationship with The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi

The Kivibol have a long history with The Long Name Verse. They were friends since before the alliances started, and were already in an alliance even when the Kivibol were less advanced, but the Kivibol are now more advanced than TLNV. They really were proud allies until TLMV realized that they didn’t ban the DEATH CANNON like they did with their brutal weapon. They argued for a while, but eventually they got over it and became friends again.