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Krapolnoa is the ancient name for the Underworld. It is divided into five sectors.

  • Krapolnoan Edge, a safe, not so hellish place containing 1 and 2 Circles of Hell.
  • Outer Krapolnoa, a hellish place ruled by the one known as “Satan”. 3 to 9 Circle of Hell.
  • Inner Krapolnoa, a weird, garden-like area ruled by an unknown demon. 10th C. of H.
  • The Nightshadow, a vast, empty place where you can see other dimensions. 11th C.oH.
  • Demonclar, a small 1/6 of Krapolnoa made for HORORORIFYING entities. 12 to 20 C.oH.
  • Demonclar Core, the 21st circle of hell containing Kraplos.