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The kvmvvkaawiverse is a very big verse that is also extremely cold. It is very hard to travel from a verse to another in this verse due to all of the floating orbs that will kill anything they touch, making it a very empty and cold verse, also there's no natural light in it outside of a few verses. The civilizations in this verse also hide themselves from Gronk.


Floating orbs

These are everywhere in the vastness of the space of this verse.


Sirup are very dangerous entities that will cover themselves in a pitch black shell and then get close to a target and eat it. They are practically invincible for most civilizations in the verse and they also float around in the vastness of space. They can see through anything.


Gronk is the creator of the other entities and he is very powerful. He kills every civilization he comes across. This is why civilizations hide themselves.


The verse is very cold

It has a finality index of 2

There are pipes everywhere that stretch all across the verse and if you touch them you will release toxic gas that will kill you instantly.

The pipes can't be broken.

The shape of the verse is constantly changing.

There are few civilizations left.