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A law is a condition under which all events in a timeframe of a specific region of space, most common and naturally in verses, must adhere to. Laws are enforced by the verse they inhabit, and whilst not being physical and real objects, they are more like functions, whose domain is all information of some region of space, call it , and the codomain is the next time step. Laws of region only work on region , and will not affect anything else outside of , however, a superior region will influence what laws can be inscribed inside of . Laws influence laws, because they are information too, processed by other laws that govern it. When a Universe is naturally created, it is automatically assigned a set of laws, which are determined by the form of creation and what happened during it.

For example, when two Universes collide together to form a new Universe, the laws of this new verse are determined upon the exact moment of collision. What those laws will be is determined by the speeds, sizes, masses, all laws, rotational speeds, accelerations, constants, distributions of matter and forces of both Universes and the Multiverse superior to it. There are many, many more other characteristics, that change the outcome of the collision, but those are some main examples.

A verse’s size can be determined as the reach of its area of influence, which, most commonly a sphere, is a region of space where the laws of the verse govern that region. In practically all cases, it ends instantly upon contact with the verse’s barrier.

How strongly laws are enforced is interpreted via the Eisler value.