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The Leftunknownverse is where Leftunknown lives. It is also known as the Capitalverse due to a comment he made on Boldtextverse. The largest planet is the Leftplanet, a rocky planet with 15,600 km of diameter, and where Leftunknown lives.

Everyone on this verse needs to edit at least 2 pages per week.


  • It is the 4th smallest universe on our multiverse.
  • It is also the nearest verse.
  • 98% of the planets of Leftunknownverse have life (There are 71,000 planets, so 69,580 planets have life).
  • It is contained by the Multiverse




Distance to our universe 8.52 hm's
Size 261,000 ly of diameter
Kardashev Scale 3
Language 81% speak slovakian, 15% speak chzech, 2.5% speak ucranian and 1.5% other