The Levlumverse Hierarchy is a hierarchy of an infinite amount of verses with ridiculous names.

We start off with simple nesting, with Levlumverse, Dilevlumverse, Trilevlumverse, etc. After infinitely many of those, we reach plex nestations (Levlumplexverse, Dilevlumplexverse, all the way to Levlumplexianverse, and so on). After infinite plex levels, we reach hypercube nestation (Levlumsquareverse, Levlumcubeverse, etc. (these are ∞2 jumps))

After infinite hypercube nestings, we get the metric nestings (Levlummegaverse, Levlumgigaverse, etc. (these are ∞3 jumps)) This generates insane names like Dilevlumgigatesseractplexianverse.

If we were to describe the EUSIs, sizes, dimensions, FOEIs, or Kardashev scales of this hierarchy, the FANDOM servers would crash and the brain would collapse into a black hole. The FANDOM servers might also collapse into black holes and turn the entire FANDOM building into a giant black hole, swallowing up the rest of the Earth.

However, we can describe it's size in some of it's 1st steps, which are currently the only ones known, as further continuation to find out steps to describing it's size will cause creation of black holes. Using the Forcal function, Set Theory, conversion, and more, we can follow the 1st steps to describing it's size. The other values, yeah, they don't even follow rulesets.

  • 1: Define X as the set where the set equation n ∈ X is satisfied by all integers from 1 to the previous verse's (this can include verses in the hierarchy!) size in meters. This generates the set that counts from 1 to the size of the previous verse.
  • n.5: After each step, redefine X as X ⊖ Ø if Ø ∈ X, which removes any empty sets from X.
  •  ?: After every other step, convert the sets into BAF array, and this generates your Levlumverse size. ({a} = [a] (BAF))
  • 2/3: Redefine X as 2X. This outputs the power set of X. We repeat this to let rule 2.5 clear out empty sets.
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