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The Light Ring is the 16th ring in the Ring Series. It scores a Light in the Kardashev Scale. It is a member of the Union of Rings. It is run by the Light Organization. 

The Light Ring is stable. It has a taste of bananas and the smell of dandelions.

The Light Guardian is the most powerful Guardian of the ring as yet. Despite this, it is very peaceful. The Guardian is in control of the stars. The Guardian is always pleased as all times. 

The Light Ring has a special power. It can beam up all stars within it, and shoot a terrifying amount of energy, destroying up to 1 billion Gamma Rings.

The Light Ring is usually very peaceful, and provides support to other members of the Union of Rings. In desperate times, however, it will defend itself.

Note: Don't attempt to trap the Light Ring in a cucumber. Your teeth will rot within 2.45 seconds.

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