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A line segment (sometimes also referred to as a line, though technically "line" refers to a 1-dimensional space of infinite extent) is 2 connected points. It can also be thought of as the set of all points the same distance from another in one-dimensional space; thinking about it this way, it is the 1D hypersphere.



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Zeroth First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth
Simplex Point Line Triangle Tetrahedron Pentachoron Hexateron Heptapeton Octaexon Enneazetton Decayotton Hendecaxennon
Hypercube Point Line Square Cube Tesseract Penteract Hexeract Hepteract Octeract Enneract Dekeract
Cross Point Line Square Octahedron Hexadecachoron Pentarss Hexarss Heptarss Octarss Ennearss Decarss
Hypersphere Point Line Circle Sphere Glome Hyperglome Hexaphere Heptaphere Octaphere Enneaphere Decaphere