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Wider Scope: List of Polytopes by Type

Polychora are four-dimensional polytopes. They have vertices, edges, faces, cells and a single teron.


By Construction

  • List of Rotatopic Polychora
  • List of Duoprism Polychora
  • List of Antiduoprism Polychora
  • List of Regular Polychora

By Verf

  • List of Polychora with Tetrahedral Verfs (Verf: Tetrahedron)
  • List of Polychora with Triangular Prismic Verfs (Verf: Triangular Prism)
  • List of Polychora with Square Pyramidal Verfs (Verf: Square Pyramid)
  • List of Polychora with Cubic Verfs (Verf: Cube)
  • List of Polychora with Octahedral Verfs (Verf: Octahedron)
  • List of Polychora with Icosahedral Verfs (Verf: Icosahedron)

List of Rotatopic Polychora

Rotatopic polychora are polychora formed from the product of multiple hyperspheres. There are exactly five rotatopic polyhedra, listed below along with their constituent hyperspheres (using Bowers' rotatope notation):