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Polyhedra are three-dimensional polytopes. They have vertices, edges, faces and a single cell.

Another name for Polyhedron is Polycubinaosias le Polytopana (A Wiki contributor)


By Construction

By Verf

  • List of Polyhedra with Triangular Verfs (Verf: Triangle)
  • List of Polyhedra with Square Verfs (Verf: Square)
  • List of Polyhedra with Pentagonal Verfs (Verf: Pentagon)
  • List of Polyhedra with Hexagonal Verfs (Verf: Hexagon)
  • List of Polyhedra with Octagonal Verfs (Verf: Octagon)

List of Rotatopic Polyhedra

Rotatopic polyhedra are polyhedra formed from the product of multiple hyperspheres. There are exactly three rotatopic polyhedra, listed below along with their constituent hyperspheres (using Bowers' rotatope notation):

List of Prism Polyhedra

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List of Antiprism Polyhedra

Square Antiprism.png

Antiprism polyhedra are formed by connecting two polygons through space with alternating triangles. Similar to the prism polyhedra, there are a countably infinite number of these.

Some significant antiprisms are:

  • Tetrahedron (digon-based)
  • Octahedron (triangle-based)
  • Square Antiprism
  • Pentagonal Antiprism
  • Hexagonal Antiprism
  • Heptagonal Antiprism
  • Octagonal Antiprism
  • Enneagonal Antiprism
  • Decagonal Antiprism

List of Regular Polyhedra

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List of Truncated Polyhedra

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