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These are famous characters and worlds.

Nullodimensional figures



Unidimensional figures



Bidimensional figures

*2D Simulated Chess pieces


*Sploder Physics Puzzle



*Roblox GUIs


Tridimensional figures









Tetradimensional figures




Pentadimensional figures


*Street Ghosts

Hexadimensional figures

*Sources of self-closing doors

*Hacker Ghosts

*Minecraft ghasts

Heptadimensional figures

*Run-Down Ghosts

Octodimensional figures

*Autimanner ghosts

Novadimensional figures

*Sub-Arch ghosts

Decadimensional figures

*Hexadecimat-Arch ghosts

Hendecadimensional-Quindecadimensional figures

*Oct-Arch ghosts

*Quarter-Arch ghosts

*Semi-Arch ghosts

*Arch ghosts

*Head ghosts