These are the longest cosmology and dimensions words in my imagination.

  1. Faminoversalisocanerosiloconovolcaniouniversometravouranogaiajonoverse:verse where all paradoxes and information come from.
  2. Dermatahedrotetrathetatransfionotitanohedron:a Transfinite faced 3D object that has some edges embeded in spacetime.
  3. Aradometricosermacalionoyetrometra:a cosmology scale where every verse has a specific identification numeral asigned to it.
  4. Ghanimocentroherdosicogenesis:the first generation of Boltzmann Entities that shaped the multiverse as it is today.
  5. Bioetaomegacentralisovon:any lifeform that roams freely in the omniverse and is comparable in size to we humans.
  6. Formalisocanisohumanis:a fancy word for humans in some realities that have achieved omnipotence.
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