The Lord of walls transcends all aspects of physical reality and exists on many planes at once. The Lord of Walls can appear as anyone and anything and never will show its true form, possibly because it'd drive us insane. The only powers of the Lord of Walls that we can comprehend are the 4th and fifth walls. The power over the 4th wall allows the Lord of Walls to communicate with the creators of all reality and can even leave The Box. The 5th wall goes beyond this and allows The Lord of Walls to leave the Outside of The box and manipulate realities, any walls beyond this are not comprehensible by regular beings only the omnipotent gods can do so. The Lord of Walls however isn't all powerful, nor is it an infinite being, in fact it used to be mortal from an unknown planet, how the Lord got its powers is unknown and it's motives are not known either.

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