Lots of verses

The term "Lots of verses" is used to describe the many verses that are contained by an object, usually a huge one. The verses part of this group are always the same, no matter what thing contains it. These verses are usually spread out inside the bigger verses, and use wormholes and reality glitching to be in a bunch of different verses at the same time.

The Verses

It is thought that some omnipotent being created these verses a long time ago, at the beginning of time and space. The creature usually credited for doing this is usually The Primordial, although no one is sure.

All of the verses were created at different times. I will only list a few since there are way too many to count.


Zfgyst was the first type of verse to be created, being created 1 yoctosecond after the Primordialverse first appeared. It was triangular, and had an extremely strong barrier protecting it from the chaotic early cosmos. The simplest depiction of it is a regular triangle.

The dimensions stayed at a solid 10 throughout its entire history. Throughout millions of OYC, it slowly turned into a hiding place for evil entities and space pirates, as the barrier protected them from all outside threats. The verse slowly started to deteriorate over time. Today, it is a cosmic landfill/prison for cosmic entities/pirates/civilizations with evil intent.


Gliurhc was the 1039th type of verse to be created. They became trading hubs for many different civilizations. On many occasions, many of its identical copies in the smaller verses were almost destroyed by space pirates and evil entities like Delimangur. Today, it is home to a prosperous civilization with a very advanced economy and technology. The simplest depiction of it is a white sphere with many small swirls and structures orbiting it.


'The' was an early type of verse that was created when The Primordial was messing around with its powers. 'The' was extremely chaotic, and only a few hundred years later, it started to destroy itself, due to just how messed up it was. The verse was saved by The Primordial, and today it is now being studied and experimented with to learn about its weird properties. Only 5 of these types of verses were created. There are many depictions of 'The', one of the most common is a lot of colors swirled with each other.


Stackaj was the 3rd earliest type of verse in the group. They were originally intended to be a storage place for excess materials that many civilizations were getting from mining planets, stars, and even entire verses. It is relatively unknown how things were stored in Stackaj. Most likely, the excess material was divided into sections, and stacked on top of each other, with a space elevator of sorts at the side, allowing fast travel between each section. Today, the verse isn't used for storage purposes anymore and is just home to a handful of civilizations. The most common depiction of it is many flat squares half resting half floating on top of each other.


There have been multiple occasions when different verses in this group collided, causing catastrophic damage to all identical copies of the verse across the cosmos. Only 3 cases are known.

First case

The first case happened in 12 OYC. The verses were being moved around a lot by creatures living at the verse collection at the center of Isolation, due to the dangerous far-away life known as the Outside Pirates. The verses inside an Oxverse started to move around everywhere, and a Stackaj and Gliurhc collided. It sent debris flying everywhere and damaged the structure of many, many verses throughout all of Isolation. The damage was slowly repaired over a few hundred OYC, but small chunks of rock and debris still exist in every single Oxverse, Obamaverse, and many more verses.

Second case

The second case was less severe, and only caused minor structural damage to the verses involved in the accident. This time, it was 2 Zfgysts colliding with each other. An omnipotent entity grabbed the Zfgysts and threw them at each other at a ridiculously high speed. It is still unknown why the entity decided to do that. This caused the Zfgysts' barriers to partially break and killed all the life in the two Zfgysts. The Omni-god was sent to The Oven to burn for all eternity, as a punishment.

Third Case

The third case is relatively unknown, and it is yet not well understood why it happened. 2 copies of 'The' collided with each other, and spread a mysterious force across many verses. All of these verses slowly got consumed by some energy, and soon ceased to exist. The verses involved in the collision soon disappeared as well. However, the energy continued to exist and is being studied as well in a climate-controlled testing chamber at the outer edges of Isolation.

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