The Loweffortverse, as the name implies, is a verse filled with other low-effort verses (LEVs). This is a man-made verse, as it was created by a variety of unknown creatures in an effort to contain as many LEVs as possible, in response to the recent infestation of quantity-over-quality verses. The Loweffortverse appears to look exactly like the Andromeda Galaxy due to an immense lack of creativity.

While the Loweffortverse does have a few quality verses to keep itself from collapsing due to how terrible its contents are, the Loweffortverse consists mostly of LEVs. This verse is very crowded, as there are many LEVs.

Of course, it is impossible to contain ALL LEVs. Due to this, the residents of the Loweffortverse frequently venture out to find more LEVs. Once an LEV is located, it is either brought back to the Loweffortverse for containment, or it is destroyed, depending on size and how difficult it would be to transport.

Due to the lack of quality and general uselessness of the verses it contains, the government of the Loweffortverse allows the controversial sport of verse-hunting. Participants hunt and kill verses through various methods, either for entertainment or to cook for dinner.

Different LEVs have a wide variety of different flavors. For example, The True Box is said to taste of beef, while THE ULTIMATE BARRIER. has the taste of pork. What exactly determines a specific verses flavor has yet to be discovered.

If the amount of LEVs were to grow too large to manage, the people of the Loweffortverse would destroy the entire verse and everything in it in a last-ditch effort to control the LEV population. This is a drastic measure, and is unlikely to happen for a while. However, the amount of LEVs is growing, which may soon lead to issues in containment. Some LEVs already manage to escape the Loweffortverse. If the LEV population grew too large without containment or getting killed off, they would destroy everything as we know it.

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