The Macrobox is a massive structure enveloping a very, very large amount of stuff. It constantly spins and if it stops spinning everything within it will be destroyed. It also has sentience and is very intelligent. It also seems to be “friends” with the Eye on the Wall and EEEE. It cannot move through space, it can only spin. It can communicate in the ψ r̸̢̙̿̕r̷̺̖͆̅́e̷̬̓͗̉̽̆r̸̐ͅš̶̜̺̌̃͑ ψ language. Also, if it is ever contained by literally anything, it will quickly grow to 141.32% of that thing’s size. In order to properly do so, a thing would have to also be constantly increasing in size at a faster rate or keeping this from growing.

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