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Magistri Tempus, Sometimes called 'God of Time' and 'Master of time' is a cosmic entity which controls Time. Magistri Tempus is an intangible being, since the Restart. It cannot be seen nor touched. It can only be observed by beings greater than Magistri Tempus.

True Power of Magistri Tempus

Magistri Tempus can End and Restart time, create new timelines and manipulate anything, no matter how big or small. The past, present and future are all created by Magistri Tempus. Once Magistri Tempus dies, all of time collapses; Therefore ending all life lesser than gods. He is the Master of Clockwork

The Restart

The Collapse of Time and space Started and Ended right before the Creation of the Omiverse, where a race of Humanoids was forced to battle gods under the rule of a mysterious God, Soon to be revealed to be The Devil. At this time, Magistri Tempus could be observed and existed as a being. The race of humanoids proceeded to try and defeat Magistri Tempus. Magistri Tempus was then forced to restart time, resulting in multiple new Timelines and the Omniverse to begin. Magistri Tempus was then forced to become somewhat Non-Existant.