A Magnetverse is a rare occurence in the multiverse around 10 billion ly in diameter. it slowly attracts nearby -verses (and other things) at a rate of around 20-100 ly per year, or 20-100 times the speed of light. Magnetverses attracting at 100c-1000c are called supermagnetverses and ones attracting at 1000c-100000c are called hypermagnetverses. if one above this speed were found, they would be called omegamagnetverses, and are theorized to attract up to 100000000c (100 million c). ones in bigger -verses have a higher range of course. when a -verse comes in contact with a magnetverse, it bounces off and repels it. there is naturally nothing inside these verses, however you can get inside using teleporters and other things. A magnetverse's lifespan is about a thirtieth of a usual universe, so it is uncommon for a -verse to actually reach it before it dies. It is not known how they are created.

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