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۞Info about Mandelsok


Class: - Null class (-1) ⎊ -

Contains: ???

Nonexistent particles MandelsokPeriodk

Mandelsok (or mandelbrotstuffisok) is a container for various anomalies, along with countless tiny particles[3]. It is also one of the most complicated particles. In fact, there are so many particles floating around inside Mandelsok, it almost looks like a normal verse (if one had the ability to look "inside of mandelsok")!

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۞Mandelsok's abilities=

You might have thought of mandelsok as a laaaaaame container for completely unrelated things that can only contain others. But that's a little off from what it actually is. Mandelsok quite behaves like some sort of living being, but still as one constructor of reality[4].

With its negative-property size allowing it to contain literal freaking verse just reversed in size[5], an immense amount of - size particles can be crammed into Mandelsok. Mandelsok uses these particle buds to prevent itself from getting destroyed to building and destroying anything it desires.

  • ۞Ability 1. To... Think and evolve...?: Quite hard to imagine this small shit that is +1 to an already huge list of particles particle being able to have consciousness eh? Well, it IS possible with brand new tinybrainTM! reverse-size , Thingk, and is concentrated inside mandelsok, and by forming some sort of interacting fiber network[6] that allows Mandelsok to think and evolve.
  • ۞Ability 2. self-sustain and protection: Since space is mostly filled with positive-sized objects, Mandelsok is basically having an instant-kill minefield all around it[7]. To avoid colliding with death bombs[8], mandelsoks place negative-sized repulsive particles around their border. Also, mandelsoks stabilize themselves by placing another bunch of repulsive particles at the center. Balance formed. Oooooh!! Yeahhhhhhh boyyyyyyy[9].
  • ۞Ability 3. expanding and contracting space to move around[10]: This particle can attract space, even though it has a negative size. The space attraction of Omnipocket is just SOOOO minuscule but it is enough to create a tiny tiny warp drive for mandelsok[11]. It helps mandelsoks "eat" other smaller minuscule objects for resources[12].
  • ۞Ability 4. controlling NPSS-scale world: Believe it or not, negative space[13] is crowding with tiny tiny particles. In fact, a negative scale is even richer than a positive space in terms of particle scale. There are tiny tiny structures and verses scattered across a scale of the realm where Mandelsok is located. Mandelsok can manipulate everything of them, granting mandelsok a great power to manipulate objects below and above.
  • ۞Ability 5. Power to bring its imaginations to reality: Some mandelsoks's scales are unimaginably close to 0[14], and those unique sorts of mandelsok can contain big brains[15]. They are not smol and cute living particles anymore, they are now brains of monstrous hyper-intelligences. At first, the creature begins extremely smol, just with few positive-size particles stuck to mandelsok. Then, as it grabs more and bigger particles, the creature gets celestially, no, OMNIVERSALLY powerful[16][17].

۞Mandelsoks roles

But hey, mandelsok is not just a drifting biological bomb producing gigantic omniverse eaters[18]; they also play important roles! Mandelsoks are cleaners for the negative structures realm, exploding space preventers, and most importantly, they are the best intelligence source nature has to offer.

  • ۞Cleaners of negative structure realm: As it is written on the page, it can sometimes be overcrowded by a sudden increase of "eggs". When it happens, the realm can easily burst, allowing countless dangerous negative particles to enter it. Mandelsoks occasionally enter the region's border without problem, devouring a massive[19] amount of eggs each time there are too many eggs.
  • ۞Stabilizers of overcrowded space: This role of Mandelsok works both for positive and negative spaces. Mandelsok just c o n s u m e s overflowing energy stored inside space[20], and turns consumed energy into materials for its fabrical brain[21]. Sometimes, an error can happen for mandelsok while it is fixing its brain. When mandelsok is lucky, it will gain enough intelligence to be "smort mandelsok" mentioned up there. When it's unlucky... well...
  • ۞Naturally-existing exploitable AIs: Mandelsoks can be reeeeeeeally smart, so smart that they were once enough to gather their surroundings to create a living god. For civilization to exploit[22] mandelsok, they just need to kill a single mandelsok-brained cosmic creature[23][24]! Ok, it's not exactly an easy task, but an entire civilization is a relatively cheap cost for unlimited intelligence! Right? :D... right...? D:

۞Anomalies inside mandelsok

Mandelsok contains, including all negative-sized particles of The pre-hierarchy, lots of "anomalies" which are only found inside mandelsok. As a result of evolving mandelsoks eating up dangerous particles and clumping them into one, anomalies are mostly destructive. However, some are accidentally formed omnipotent seeds with the potential to become anything it desires. When mandelsok gets popped by something at a barren void, the void will briefly bloom with wonders of nature[25][26].

...And when mandelsok explodes right next to verses, something it does much more commonly, nearby verses are usually fricked up.

۞Anomaly #1. Mandelsok's tinier brains

This is probably closer to viruses than some kind of brain. Mandelsok's brain creates countless backup parts for its brain floating around its core[27]. When the backup parts encounter mutation or are broken beyond repair, the central brain of mandelsok decides it is useless and throws it away. Pockets of the brain can sometimes collide with particles, turning them into kind of "zombie particles", that are paralyzed by incomplete pieces of the mandelsok brain controlling it[28].

More about Mandelsok splitter brain...

۞Anomaly #2. "Mines"

"Mines" are something mentioned as "dangerous particles clumping into one". They are at least a little more interesting and useful than useless pieces of a literal mandelsok shits I mean mandelsoks's brain. "Mines" get kicked out from mandelsok if they are big enough to become a problem[29]. In most cases, it's better to die than to stand next to the negative[30] versions[31] of[32] horrifying[33] destructions[34] produced by mines. In some cases tho...

More about Mandelsok mines...

۞Anomaly #3. quadral particle remnant

One particle, four components. The omnipotent seed to become what it desires. Quadral particle remnants are what mandelsok uses for escaping the most dangerous threats[35]. or more like, crystals of mandelsok's booster smoke. Arrangements of crystals ALWAYS contain four particles of creation. Those four particles tell crystals what to do, such as creating protoverse and exploding into certain verse(s)

More about Quadral particle remnant...

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Possibly smallest hierarchy where super tiny particles elegantly float through it

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⌬Absolutely Tinier Particles⌬
Thingk - Mandelsok - .: - Periodk

⎊ Null class (-1) ⎊ <- ∅ Protoclass (0) ∅ -> ۞ Starter Class (1) ۞
Main Chain

Protoverse -> Uqraek fiber -> String -> Quark -> Proton -> Atom -> Star -> Galaxy

  1. Size of thingk and below particles are measured in this equation: , where (negative property size standard) is a size that has maximum negative properties. This concept has its roots at how the size of Zyoron is described.
  2. (reverse hyperdimensions ) is equal to hyperdimension of ordinal. In case where there are multiple layers of function, such as (or ), inner functions generate ordinal, then only outermost works according to original rule.
  4. along with others
  5. bigger the number after the minus is, the smaller the number is. For example, if some particle's size is , and some random verse's size put after minus is, particle can super easily contain the verse in it. Basically, everything non-zero aren't boring.
  6. Long, 1-dimensional fiber similar to Uqraek fiber.
  7. Structures are especially lethal since their shells are not made of particles, but positively-excited space itself.
  8. you and me are ALSO death bombs in this case. Hey bomb.
  9. No, the mandelsok's border does not fly away from repulsions. it has no solid border. instead, it has cloudy border that is surprisingly durable.
  10. exactly, EXACTLY how warp drives work.
  11. Of course, combined with zyoron.
  12. Having omnipicket as warp engine also grants mandelsok ability to basically teleport to anywhere.
  13. which can only exist with its existence being negative or positive or more (meaning space with existence rank of 0 does not exist).
  14. ex: -0.0000000...0000000001
  15. I mean, yes, of course, it is brain-like 1D complex of particles which gives mandelsok some sort of intelligence.
  16. end of growth is either weirdly replicating zedohkay or, in most cases, WAS monsters roaming inside The Void of Celestials.
  17. At this point, mandelsok is just living brain. b r u h
  18. ...technically it is
  19. not the text, only the title.
  20. ATSL uqraek fiber is great at storing too much energy and instabilizing it, making whole freaking space a landmine spacemine.
  21. particles inside mandelsok are perfectly stable except its thinking part (a.k.a the only part of mandelsok where it did not steal from outside world). Particles composing unstable brain of mandelsok occasionally evaporates, meaning it has temporary stroke from time to time.
  22. "Exploiting" here is said with tone of "harvest", rather than "abusing weak part of something or someone to gain profit". Of course, mandelsok would have killed the civilization if "exploit" was by its original meaning.
  23. It's easy, huh? :D
  24. mandelsoks that are not the brain of creatures are quite useless, since their intelligence levels are far low to be actual help.
  25. ...before the fire of creation extinguishes and everything in the void disappears into thin cloud of gas :(
  26. this is, like, the chances of this happening is EXTREMELY, HILARIOUSLY minuscule. Most mandelsoks explode right next to a lot of verses where big bang is frequent. A good news (for voidsn not for verses or everything else) is that one mandelsok exploding can start chain reaction which ultimately fills the void with active creation processes.
  27. They are used for repairing of mandelsok brain in case it is seriously damaged.
  28. Paralyzing effect can control countless particles and sometimes above.
  29. The negative fabric that forms when mandelsok's mines explode are quite similar to atomic fabric's negative version. Looking at what atomic fabric does automatically means mandelsok mines' fabrics are huge headache. for negative world, of course.
  30. ...negative big bangs are the best to be expected from mandelsok mines.
  31. PART of his realm, and in case of this happening is rare. Which is so lucky, since the literal gate to hell mines form only affect negative realm. Consider pressing F for entities there :(
  32. Not negative plutfuseverse, but approximately equivalent amount of NPSS radiation. This can occasionally lead to destruction of mandelsok.
  33. Imagine huge pool of melting and bursting clumps of cells and larvae drifting through space, growing from eating living entities. Negative zedohkay is even worse, since fabric arranged upon formation of it from mines can grant it intelligence to move or live.
  35. examples can be yo mama yourmomverse's instability, structures' barriers, exploding (positive space's) big bang, or even little tiny destructive bombs mandelsok had created on its own.