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Mayarollies is the next barrier/verse after The Abyss, but it is far larger.

Mayarollies looks like a void at first, but it actually contains lots of objects in different dimensionalities. These objects are invisible, but they affect the quantum objects around them. The thing is, though, these objects aren't... even... physical. Yet they still affect stuff around it. Is Mayarollies truly void? Or does the nonphysical objects disqualify this? Nonphysical objects cannot collide with physical objects.

w h a t ?

Mayarollies is nothing. At the same time, it is everything. But it isn't really either, since it contains things. Is it void? It contains things, but is it still void? Does a void have to be empty of nonphysical objects? Is "emptiness" only physical emptiness? If not, is this only half of emptiness? Is there such thing as "half being empty"? Or is Mayarollies breaking reality axioms?

Probably not the last one. That's impossible.

o r i s i t ?

When we get to this level of cosmology, are we even at the level of "reality" anymore? Are we at nonreality? Has the entire hierarchy consisted of only physical objects or has it stopped? If it has stopped, where did it stop? Where is the barrier between reality and nonreality? Why is that the barrier and what properties make it one?

Full of questions

This verse has recently brought up an interversal debate about Mayarollies. The answer is probably due to the fact that Mayarollies has simply a bond between physical reality and nonphysical reality. Simple. Completely simple. No more questions, it has a bond.



d o e s i t ?